To hear volunteer Lakeisha (Keisha) Williams describe it, working at Poverello might be the best job she’s ever had…and certainly the happiest. “I’m greeted with smiles and hellos from everyone when I arrive in the morning,” she remarked, “and that’s unlike any place I’ve ever worked. Everyone is so polite and friendly here.”

The mother of two young boys, Keisha has been volunteering at Poverello for about 7 months. She was sent to Poverello by Career Source Broward as a way to acquire skills and service experience that might help her find full-time employment in the community. “Working here has really brought me out of myself,” she related. “I have learned to trust people more, which wasn’t always the case with my other jobs. I can really be myself, which makes working here so much more enjoyable,” she added.

Keisha volunteers in the Eat Well Center, helping with the stocking and packing of food items as they come in to the Poverello facility. She also helps pack food bags for Poverello’s program participants, as well as youth “Fuel Packs” that go to the Boys and Girls Clubs for children in need. Keisha has also assisted with cooking classes that Poverello offers to its participants. Her dedication to her job speaks for itself, as she often volunteers her time from 22 to 35 hours a week.

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Keisha has worked at Walmart, Fresh Point, KFC and at the Cross Road Food Bank where she first heard about Poverello. But her experiences and the satisfaction she receives working at Poverello has by far been the most rewarding. She said she likes working with different kinds of people, which is one of the benefits of working at an organization like Poverello. “I tell my friends all time that if you are looking for something to do, why don’t you volunteer at Poverello. It’s a lot of fun, and giving back really makes you feel good,” she commented. The importance of “giving back” is something you hear Poverello volunteers mention all the time.


“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.”

-Helen Keller

The Poverello Center, Inc. Thanks James Stoup for writing this profile

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