Our Fund Foundation announced today that Poverello was selected as a program they will fund during the spring term of supported local organizations. Poverello’s Eat Well Center program which provides healthy groceries to those who are experiencing chronic or critical illnesses is one of 18 south Florida agencies selected for funding by their Grants Committee. Poverello’s approach that revolves around the belief that Food is Medicine; thus, creating the kind of environment that individuals living with chronic or critical illnesses need “to increase longevity or not exacerbate whatever disease state they have” says Alden Bergeron, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.

Alden Bergeron’s position at Poverello is generously funded by the Howard Greenfield Charitable Foundation.

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Check out our website for lots of great information and a list of upcoming events.
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This is going to be super fun, imagine all the creativity unleashed! https://t.co/Hk3pSNQQqZ
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We are hosting our first Poverello Pet Pageant on Aug 25th at United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale. For more info or to register, go to https://t.co/Whn7FGAgqG https://t.co/pdLApRVUFr