No other food pantry serving people with HIV in the US has better outcomes than our own Poverello Eat Well Center. For the calendar year 2017, our 2627 program participants had a viral suppression rate of 88.31%. Achieving viral suppression is the goal of all HIV therapy. We couldn’t be prouder and have our staff, volunteers and our hard working program participants to thank for taking good care of themselves by accessing community services.  U=U (Undetectable = Untransmitable!)

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Such a great friend of Poverello and Father Bill
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Here’s a reminder that Ryan White Part A eligibility for food pantry for this contract year was reduced from 24 occurrences to 12 and food vouchers down to six per year.

Some complain that’s too little...
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Here is some information about canned food from Eat Right Nutrition.
Canned foods can play an important role in an overall healthy diet. People who consume...