A Message from our CEO:

Check out this Reuter’s story about the struggles all nonprofits including Poverello are facing right now. I’m grateful to the Community Partnerships Division of Broward County for pre-purchasing services from us. You allowed us to keep serving, turn no one away, make payroll, pay our food venders and keep the lights on. So borrowing against future service delivery has kept us afloat until donations from Florida AIDSwalk and reimbursements from Family Success Division are processed. Thank You! Your support over the 20+ years of collaboration with Poverello has allowed us to show compassion in this unprecedented emergency.

Be sure to understand, we need extra resources, not to care for people with HIV, but to care for the numbers of people who’ve recently lost their jobs. We’ve already provided funding for our people with HIV from Community Partnerships Division of Broward County. We need funding for the unprecedented number of people who have lost work and need groceries experiencing this emergency.

We’re delivering to people with COVID-19. How does anyone expect they’ll eat while sick, out of work and without food unless we deliver it? Daily around 20 new families are requesting help. That’s $1500 a day worth of groceries we’re providing just to NEW clients. We cannot sustain this level of need without rapid, significant support coming from our leaders in government at all levels and generous donors. 5 mile long lines of cars lining up for a few bags of groceries once is not the answer. People deserve better!



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