These are trying times we’re living through. With half of all working adults out of work, and many without enough to eat, we’ve all learned how vulnerable we are when we have so many living paycheck to paycheck. While it looks like some retail and businesses will open on Monday the 19th of May, We will not. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure when we do open, we will have as safe an environment as we can make Poverello for everyone.



This means splitting the staff from one zone (all staff were using the whole Wilton Manors facility) into Four Distinct Zones: Eat Well Center, Wilton Manors Thrift Store, Pompano Beach Thrift Store and Administration. These zones will reduce the total number of people ever in one section of our facilities. Our lunch room remains closed and staff maintain their location restricted to their assigned zone.

Only employees, no volunteers, no work program participants nor any clients allowed into the space. Only deliveries, workers/repair, mail and pre-approved press (all observing social distancing)


Expand the workforce of people preparing, delivering and accounting for Healthy Grocery provision to our Eat Well Center Clients to include Pompano Beach. Adding people to the following Zones: Thrift Store Wilton Manors, Eat Well Center Wilton Manors


Employees are added to each zone according to need with appropriate social distancing, training including where to park, where their “go” zones are, including assigned bathrooms and sign in/out stations.

Client facing service improvements include addition of shade and climate control to outdoor walk up stations, and staffing stations for summer months.

Encourage more home delivery,

Implement QA protocols for accuracy of orders.

Implement employee screening measures (including temperature and self-reports), testing

Conform to daily check in / Mid-Day / check out procedures that include handwashing after arrival, after each break, after each meal or drink.

Prepare workspaces by utilizing signage, floor markings, directional traffic flows, enforcement actions.

  1. Personal health certification for all staff.
  2. Required face masks for all staff and clients to be served.
  3. Health safety education for staff and clients to be served.
  4. Distribution of cleaning supplies and masks for staff.

Specifically, staff and clients will confirm that:

  1. They will always wear a face mask or covering (except when isolated behind a closed door that others do not enter).
  2. They will not come to work or to pick up groceries if they have COVID-19, think they have it, or have related symptoms (All clients are eligible for our touch-free delivery of groceries).
  3. They will keep work areas clean and sanitize their hands frequently.
  4. Staff will always remain in their assigned zone while on the premises.
  5. No clients or visitors are allowed in the building except those approved by the CEO.


Reopening the Thrift Stores involves preparing all the spaces, volunteers and staff to conform to social distancing, implementing cleaning schedules, sanitizing schedules and adding staff to the Thrift Store Zones.


Reopening the Live Well Center involves preparing all the spaces to conform to social distancing, implementing cleaning schedules, sanitizing schedules and adding staff and Volunteers to the Live Well Center Zone.