Food pantries were created to reduce waste in the community and to encourage the donation of food to help end hunger. Poverello strives to capture donated and excess food from the community to feed those in need. If you are interested in conducting a food drive for Poverello, please contact Poverello at (954) 561-3663 and review the information below. You may also simply fill out the Food Drive form below.

To organize your food drive

Step 1: Plan a time, a place, and identify what you will use for collection vessels.

Step 2: Publicize your food drive to your employees, vendors, friends, etc.

Step 3: Conduct your food drive!

Step 4: If you need a Poverello truck to pick up your donated items, call (954) 561-3663.

Most useful items to donate:

  • canned beans
  • canned meats (tuna, chicken)
  • rice and beans (dry or canned)
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • canned soups and meals
  • pasta meals (ravioli, mac n’ cheese)
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • dry beans
  • peanut butter, or other nut butters
  • rolled oats
  • canned fruit in juice, not in light or heavy syrup
  • canned vegetables, with no or low-sodium
  • low-sodium soups
  • canned tuna in water
  • canned chicken
  • brown rice
  • quinoa
  • nuts, unsalted
  • seeds, unsalted
  • shelf stable milk and milk substitutes
  • whole grain pasta
  • low-sodium pasta sauce
  • popcorn kernels (not microwave popcorn)
  • canned stews
  • unsweetened applesauce
  • whole grain, low-sugar cold cereals
  • olive or canola oil
  • canned tomatoes
  • dried fruits, no sugar added
  • honey
  • chicken, beef and vegetable broths and stock.

If you would like to host a Holiday Food Drive, have Poverello place a Holiday Food Drive collection box at your place of business or just need help setting up a Holiday Food Drive, please complete the below form and we will respond ASAP!

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Reach out and do something kind with someone who’s homeless today. Remember our shower in our main building is open during business hours for anyone’s use!
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Tonight's movie is Proud Mary.
Refreshments & Popcorn @ 5:30 PM,
Movie starts @ 6 PM.
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Gary showed up to wish Tom a Happy Birthday.
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Thank you, Kelly O'Brien of Coastal Click Photography for these amazing photos of Poverello's pop up Eat Well Center in Jupiter on September 22, 2018.
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Join us at MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company on Friday, October 5, 2018, from 11:00am-11:00pm.
Please tell your server or cashier that you are there for Poverello and 25% of your check with help with health and...
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Learning about the great things going on throughout the nation on #FoodisMedicine at the #FIMCSymposium2018 with Board Chair Judith Reichman #Hungerfighter #Poverello — at Hogan Lovells