Location: 2200 NE 12th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (less than one block from Poverello)

Phone: 954-563-1299

Increased physical activity is tied to better medical outcomes. Working out increases muscle mass and helps fight HIV-related wasting.  Greater physical activity assists in the assimilation of HIV medications. Not only does exercise accomplish these goals but it also increases endorphin production, which stimulates feelings of well-being.

Poverello’s Live Well Center offers:

  • Full-service gym
  • Satellite CIED office
  • Barber services
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Massage
  • Hands on healing
  • Smoking cessation counseling – Call (305)942-6378 to schedule an appointment
  • Reiki support group for HIV+
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WebMD @WebMD
Walking just 5.5 miles per week (and you don't have to do it all at once) at a slow pace lowers your risk of things like heart attacks, strokes, AND heart failure by 31%. 😯 https://t.co/cWIv6MuH0d https://t.co/QgVaJJncXS
2 mths ago
British doctors may soon prescribe art, music, dance, singing lessons https://t.co/z7KdosYUyi via @SmithsonianMag
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Food Insecurity, Healthcare Utilization, and High Cost: A Longitudinal Cohort Study https://t.co/H4HfDazXoa via @AJMC_Journal
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Join Dionne Dean as she takes a quick look around The Poverello Center Thrift Furniture Shopping: Poverello Thrift Store https://t.co/LMP3oloGw7 via @YouTube
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HHS Releases Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition https://t.co/uo1X247Q9O
Poverello Live Well Center
Poverello Live Well Center1 w ago
March Local Flavor 3/4/19 at 6PM
Poverello Live Well Center
Poverello Live Well Center2 w ago
March Local Flavor Hosted by Chef / RD Alden Monday March 4, 6PM. RSVP 954 563 1299.
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Happy President’s Day! Wondering what to do?
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Happy President’s Day
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Gone, But not Forgotten

Thomas Smith was first involved with the agency as an original founder as part of the Poverello Auxiliary and an original member of the Board of Directors. Around 2004, he came to the... https://t.co/JpCNEzZm99