Lorna Richards came to us just over two years ago through Urban League’s senior training program. While she’s paid by Urban League, we consider her placement here a lifeline. Originally from Jamaica, Lorna just recently received her U.S. citizenship on May 24th of this year. The day is doubly special to her as it is her birthday as well!

A typical day for Lorna at Poverello includes helping to pack the client bags in the food pantry, loading and unloading the breakfast dishes into and out of the dishwasher, and doing the same with the lunch dishes. Lorna’s at Poverello Monday through Thursday from 9am-2pm and sometimes volunteers with the Poverello pop-up food pantries. She considers the people she interacts with at Poverello to be warm and gentle.

Lorna has five children, nine grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Family and friends are important to her. When she is in Jamaica, Lorna’s neighbors and friends, who’ve given her the loving nickname ‘grandma,’ ask her to cook and share her food with them. Lorna loves children and babysits when she has the opportunity. According to her, “children are heart, soul, and body; I love to see children.” Faith is also important to her as she enjoys attending church. She also likes movies and animals.

Lorna’s favorite thing to do is cook. She likes cooking so much that every evening, seven days a week, she helps her friend and owner of G’s Jamaican restaurant to prep food for each dinner service. The restaurant is located on 27th and Oakland Park.

In the future, Lorna anticipates more happiness. She appreciates each day and gives thanks for every day’s sunshine. She is open to opportunities that include working or volunteering with children. She’s open to the next chapter in her life as she’d like to have a husband in the future as well. When you see Lorna’s smiling face at Poverello, say hi, congratulate her on her recent citizenship or ask for tips on how to cook saltfish and ackee, her favorite dish to share.


“Serving others with all of your heart and soul assures you a key to the gates of heaven”

Frank Young III, 2019



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