After coming to the United States nearly a decade ago from her native Dominican Republic, Tania Taveras joined the Poverello family in January 2017 where she served as Volunteer/Human Resources Coordinator. Tania quickly proved her value to the organization and was promoted to Human Resources Manager in June 2018 and then again to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in July 2019. In her current capacity as CAO, she has overall responsibility for Poverello’s staffing and program expansion while being charged with cohesive execution of the organizational vision. She finds her personal joy in leading by example, coaching to positive outcomes and developing consistently excellent internal and external programs to attract and retain high performing employees and volunteers while being ever mindful of Poverello’s mission.

Tania believes without waiver that supporting volunteers, employees, and the community is the most beautiful and fulfilling part of her work at Poverello. When asked why her work is so important to her, she replies simply: “Helping people in need is important to me. I grew up seeing people in need in the Dominican Republic and made it my personal task to help whenever I could.” Tania feels very fulfilled in her work as it allows her to fulfill her personal mission daily while contributing to the vital mission of her Poverello team.  “Helping is part of my nature and goes along with my spiritual beliefs… it makes me feel personally satisfied. For me, life doesn’t have meaning unless I am helping others” Tania says when discussing why she likes to mentor people, especially others with an upbringing similar to hers.

The most challenging part of Tania’s workday is the level of detail required to do the variety of specialized tasks she is charged with as CAO. Tania interacts daily with individuals and groups with an ever-widening array of different life experiences with each bringing unique obstacles and priorities that must be balanced while at the same time keeping up with changing administrative and human resource laws that can prove demanding. Tania says that her work is like that of a ballet Prima Donna in that she is always “on her toes.”

Family is of high importance to Tania and although much of her family lives in New York, she talks to them every day. She has a son named Tomás who works as an engineer in her native Dominican Republic and when discussing him she says that while she is proud of many things, she is “most proud of my son.”

Tania loves to travel and has been to the Bahamas, Cuba, Salvador, Jamaica, Canada, many places in Latin America, and China. China was her favorite trip as she is fascinated with its language, food, and culture.  She states that her next big personal adventure will be travelling to Colombia later this month. Other than travel, Tania’s downtime includes hobbies like spending time at the beach, reading, cooking and dancing. She loves to dance salsa, bachata, and merengue. Tania is involved in her church community and states that while “Things aren’t always easy… with perseverance and the help of God you can do anything that you set your mind to.”



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