Getting to Zero @ Poverello was a new program aiming to reduce our community viral load even further than the 86.1% viral suppression rates achieved for 2016. Funded by Gilead Sciences, this one year project funds peers to use a strengths based approach to bring people into care who are not currently receiving the benefits of highly active anti-retroviral therapies (HAART). Incentives like increased disbursements of food are available through Broward County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund and collaboration with the State of Florida’s Forensic Community Linkage program will help our participants get to Zero Viral load in 2017-2018.  Results: at the end of the year, our 2627 participants with HIV achieved viral suppression at a rate of 88.31% and increase of  > 2%!

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#tomatoes #Cucumbers #Peppers #Herbs #FreshfromFlorida are just a few of the 76 fresh fruits, vegetables and herb varieties we offer each year @eatwellsfl in our 100% #clientchoice #MedicallyTailored Grocery Program
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Alcohol and your health: Is none better than a little? - #E2i #SBIRT #RiskyDrinking #BeWellSFL
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Part of our E2i team is attending the Summer learning session for the SPNS project and Improving HIV Care in the US. #E2i #SPNS #BeWellSFL #SAMH bewellsfl photo
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Marcia Cross says her anal cancer is linked to HPV and husband's throat cancer - CNN make sure you’re having routine screenings!
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Great to welcome our #E2i #SPNS mentors from @FenwayHealth @AIDS_United to @eatwellsfl for our second site visit. We’re implementing #SPIRT in our Eat Well Center ensuring people know about substance abuse and mental health resources available to them. #SAMH #GetCareBroward bewellsfl photo
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