Location: 2200 NE 12th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (less than one block from Poverello)

Phone: 954-563-1299

Increased physical activity is tied to better medical outcomes. Working out increases muscle mass and helps fight HIV-related wasting.  Greater physical activity assists in the assimilation of HIV medications. Not only does exercise accomplish these goals but it also increases endorphin production, which stimulates feelings of well-being.

Poverello’s Live Well Center offers:

  • Full-service gym
  • Satellite CIED office
  • Barber services
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Massage
  • Hands on healing
  • Smoking cessation counseling – Call (305)942-6378 to schedule an appointment
  • Reiki support group for HIV+
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Combination%20of%20Diet%20and%20Exercise%20Slows%20Cognitive%20Decline%20in%20Older%20Patients https://t.co/6hBkTKUi1e via @mdmagazine
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Our screenings indicate 50% of our program participants with #HIV have some symptoms of depression. #DepressionIsReal #Depression #SBIRT #E2i #HelpIsAvailable #GetCareBroward https://t.co/ftlSMFT89z
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It stands to reason that stigma works against us. Make sure to combat stigma at every turn. https://t.co/aL65wV0sy3
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